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    I need help with choosing OS and Control Panel

    Well, I client of mine wants to go with VPS for hosting 2 of his newly formed websites and because I don't have experience with VPSs I need your help choosing the right OS and control panel.

    The VPS have 128MB RAM and I can chose between:

    CentOS (32/64bit)
    Debian (32/64bit)
    Ubuntu (32/64bit)
    Fedora (32/64bit)
    Slackware (32bit)

    Control Panels
    Kloxo, ISP Config, ispCP Omega, и Webmin

    My client will need something really simple, such as: (add new domain / remove domain / change MX records / creating MySQL databases) for the last one, I am not sure can phpMyAdmin be installed separately.

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    Debian and Ubuntu are easier to use, but CentOS is a more common server platform and is therefore better supported. As far as the control panel most of those look good. My top choice would probably be WebMin simply since it's the most mature of them, but I've heard good things about Kloxo and ISPConfig.
    Really though with the very low amount of RAM you're working with, you might want to consider just a plain LAMP stack with no CP.
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    I would recommend CentOS. It's widely used and there is A LOT of documentation on it.

    On control panel either Webmin or Kloxo. You have very little RAM, you might want to increase it a bit.

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    CentOS and Cpanel. Cpanel is worth every penny
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninkynonk View Post
    CentOS and Cpanel. Cpanel is worth every penny
    And with 128MB Ram VPS, cPanel will hurt every penny
    Kloxo and CentOS 32bit is quite good though, as you can choose lighttpd instead of httpd and easier for your customer to use.

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    I would go with CentOS 32 bit.

    I have a 128MB VPS from BuyVM, and looked into control panels. Kloxo is supposed to only take 1MB of RAM, but I haven't tried it yet.

    I am testing a very small footprint LEMP (nginx rather than Apache) install on top of a CentOS 32 bit OS. See for info on how to install it. It uses 52MB of RAM. You could manage two websites on it without a control panel.

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    I wish cpanel would be able to be leaner. to work on a low RAM VPS.
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