WeservIT can offer you this special configurations with FREE BANDWIDTH UPGRADES!


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Set-up time for standard configurations: 1 - 12 hours (7 days a week)
Test IP:
Test file:

Included with all servers
- We have our own hardware, we are not a reseller!
- 24/7 Remote Reboot
- 24/7 OS installations: CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenSuse, Windows Server R2, VMware ESXI and Citrix Xen server
- Rescue mode: Start a live OS with SSH connection, mount your storage and resolve all your problems!
- 24/7 Bandwidth Usage Overview
- 24/7 Phone Support line for urgent failures
- Reverse DNS Management
- Ticket/phone support
- On-site hardware replacement service
- No setup fee on all servers!

http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1036314 (NEW)

Dell R210 - Intel Core i3 530 - 4GB
- Dell PowerEdge R210
- Intel Core i3 530 2.93GHz Dualcore processor (HT)
- 4GB DDR3 ECC 1067MHz memory
- 250GB 3,5-inch SATA hard disk
- 2TB bandwidth per month (GET 4TB)
- 100Mbit full dedicated duplex port
- 2 IP addresses standard included
- Remote reboot

Price per month: €69,00
Order link: https://www.clients.weservit.nl/cart.php?a=add&pid=200

Dell SC1435 - 2x AMD 2218HE - 8GB
- Dell PowerEdge SC1435
- 2x AMD Opteron 2218HE 2.6GHz Dualcore server processors (Quadcore)
- 8GB DDR2 ECC 667MHz memory
- 500GB 3,5-inch SATA hard disk (7.200 rpm)
- 2TB bandwidth per month (GET 4TB)
- 100Mbit full dedicated duplex port
- 2 IP addresses standard included
- Remote reboot

Price per month: €85,00
Order link: https://www.clients.weservit.nl/cart.php?a=add&pid=186

Upgrades (Check order form for realtime prices)
Primary HDD
Upgrade to 500GB SATAII €5,00
Upgrade to 1TB SATAII €10,00
Upgrade to 2TB SATAII €20,00
Upgrade to 60GB SSD Disk €20,00
Upgrade to 150GB Raptor 10.000 RPM €20,00

Secondary HDD
500GB SATAII €5,00
1TB SATAII €10,00
2TB SATAII €20,00
60GB SSD Disk €20,00
150GB Raptor 10.000 RPM €20,00

RAID0/1 requires 2 drives)
Configure Software RAID0 €0,00
Configure Software RAID1 €0,00
Hardware RAID0 (Areca card) €15,00
Hardware RAID1 (Areca card) €15,00

Operating Systems
CentOS 5.x 32Bit
CentOS 5.x 64Bit
Fedora 12 32Bit
Fedora 12 64Bit
Fedora 13 32Bit
Fedora 13 64Bit
Debian 5 32Bit
Debian 5 64Bit
Ubuntu 9.x.x 32Bit
Ubuntu 9.x.x 64Bit
Ubuntu 10.x.x 32Bit
Ubuntu 10.x.x 64Bit
FreeBSD 8.0 64Bit
FreeBSD 8.1 64Bit
OpenSuse 11.3 64Bit
Citrix XenServer 5.5
Citrix XenServer 5.6.1
VMware ESXi 4.1
Windows 2008 R2 WebServer €12,00
Windows 2008 R2 Standard €20,00

1TB extra bandwidth €20,00
2TB extra bandwidth €40,00
3TB extra bandwidth €60,00
5TB extra bandwidth €100,00
10TB extra bandwidth €200,00
Upgrade 100Mbit uplink to 1000Mbit €15,00

Directadmin monthly €7,50
Directadmin lifetime + €65,00EUR Setup Fee
cPanel monthly €30,00EUR

Managed options
Self Managed (included)
Base Security & Updates €25,00EUR
Fully Managed €40,00EUR
Initial Setup (Software & Security) + €50,00EUR Setup Fee

Backup space
50GB Backup space (FTP) €5,00EUR
100GB Backup space (FTP) €10,00EUR
250GB Backup space (FTP) €20,00EUR

KVM over IP
KVM over IP SIP €15,00EUR

Network information
Network: AS47869 (Netrouting)
Test IP:
Test file:

- 10 Gigabit AMS-IX
- 10 Gigabit DE-CIX
- 10 Gigabit GlobalAxs Communications
- 10 Gigabit Globalcrossing
- 20 Gigabit Atrato IP Networks (Exchanges, Level3 and other TIER1 Mix)

The network is setup fully redundant with 4x Brocade / Foundry routers. Our switching is done with Force10 S50N switches with each multiple Gigabit uplinks. These switches are placed in a VRRP redundant setup ; when there is a problem on one of the routers/ switches, the traffic still continues to run without any interruption.

Datacenter information
WeServIT uses a variety of facilities in The Netherlands. Main services such as colocation, dedicated servers and managed solutions are offered from our primary facility in Alphen aan den Rijn (Datahouse).

Datahouse is a high quality facility built to provide, maintain and secure your IT environment with us. Some of the keyfeatures are:

- Emergency fallback (UPS)
- Dual powerfeeds
- Redundant airconditioning
- Fire Control
- 24/7 Secured automated access system
- 24/7 Camera Security
- All our servers are hosted in a private suite

Terms & Conditions
- There is no contract! Customers may renew monthly.
- This offer is valid untill 04/12/2011.
- This offer is only valid for new clients.
- Payment gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer, iDEAL and Creditcard

- All ports are fully dedicated, first class international bandwidth is standard included.
- We work with a no nonsense policy, you get your money's worth!
- We also offer metered gigabit servers, contact us for a custom quote.

Company information
WeservIT Internet Solutions
Lambertusstraat 21
5386 BA Geffen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 51789892
VAT number: NL 850172664B01
[email protected]
+31 (0)73-7114710