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    cPanel Help : Resolver


    I've got myself cPanel installed on my VPS. (I've been told it saves a lot of time and is easy to use.)

    So here my question, what exactly is the resolver? I kinda have a vague idea but couldn't confirm it.

    From what I've read, I set my IPs that my NameServers (which are at GoDaddy) use. Which are

    IP Main:
    IP Second :
    Is this correct? What do I put as a third? And if possible, a short explanation of what they are?

    Thank You

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    The resolver ips are what is used for any dns lookups. It's most common to set them to your own server ip, or localhost ( If you want to use external resolvers, then you have to get your datacenter's resolver ips, they may be different than their nameserver ips.
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    You can also use Google's resolvers:

    A resolver is a server which does the actually lookups to nameservers. Different resolvers will result in slightly different IPs depending on their settings. DNS isn't monolithic and everyone using different resolvers is why you can't get a definite time for your DNS propagation when you update your domain's DNS. So while one set of resolvers may update ever 24 hours regardless of your zonefile's TTL, another set may follow it strictly and update every 3 minutes if you tell it to.

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