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    Cool ••••LIMITED TIME: 3 Page Design + Hourly Turn-Around = $100 *FREE CONCEPT*

    Howdy WHT! I am a veteran web designer and "IT guru" offering my website design services exclusively to WHT for a limited time. I value each of my clients needs and strive to provide excellent service, consistent communication, smooth transactions, and fast turn-around times.

    For the next 3 days only: I will design a custom website (PSD) including a home page, comparison/plan page, and content page for $100. You will have exclusive rights to your design, and may do with it as you please. I will include all font files and any icons used in the design. Additionally, I will include a free, watermarked mock-up of your home page so you can appraise my skills.

    NOTE: I do not have an online portfolio (as this is not full-time employment for me); for this reason, I am offering free watermarked concepts.

    Also note: I do not code. All that I do involves pretty colors and lovely graphics.

    To take advantage of this offer: Send me a PM with the following information:

    • Your business name and link to your website (if applicable)
    • Specific requirements for your website (include as many details as possible)
    • At least TWO websites you find appealing with rationale (explain what and why you like these websites)
    • Your e-mail address (if you would prefer to communicate only by PM, please let me know)

    I ask that if you are not truthfully interested in my services, please do note contact me. I value each of my clients and their time, and appreciate your cooperation.


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    Offer is still available! Please include all of the requested details if you are interested. This will save time for me and for you.

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