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    FAX <-> E-mail Service

    Who is good out there and has support for android phones?


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    We use RingCentral for our office stuff and have a dedicated fax line with them. It has worked out really well.

    You can set it to send you PDFs via email, which you can open on Android. Their Android application also does a pretty good job too.


    They have fax only plans, didn't know that.

    When you use their phone services, you get 'unlimited' faxes. Which we've had no trouble with and we send/receive 10-20 a day.
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    We use for our 800 voice number, and they also offer fax services for an additional monthly charge so we added that on (with a separate fax number).

    One suggestion: If you're doing a low volume of incoming faxes, then using a dedicated fax provider (like a company that just offers fax service) can be more expensive then if you add it on to an existing vendor like the one providing your VOIP or 800 number service. That's what we found when we looked into this a year ago.

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    FAX is better option to send outgoing mails and messages and for incoming email will be best as it is easier for your clients

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