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    Input on

    Guys, this time I'd like a bit of input on
    We only launched it a few days ago, and see quite a bit of traffic coming to it. It's based on a basic WordPress template, so a bit locked in terms of what can be changed.

    Random q's:
    - How do you like the color's?
    - Would you ad more copy - is it clear what the site does?
    - How do you like the domain? I've just bought .com as well, in escrow now.
    - Should I have more categories?

    There are not that many reviews so far, plenty of fake ones coming in though, but we're verifying every single review to ensure it ends up being a truthful picture based on real clients experiences.

    Any other input?

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    I personally cant see what the function of the site is. I had to look at the whole thing to see what it is actually for.

    Colours and layout are really nice, very clean and easy on the eye. I would however, suggest something like a optional introduction video just to introduce the site, Explain its purpose and the core, powerful tools and functionality of the site.

    But as I said, I like it, but room for improvement.
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    It would be excellent if it was possible to add a hosting with the minimum editing from your party. That is, addition of hostings is necessary the form.
    I have for example added the hosting, but isn't assured that you will expose it at yourself in the catalog...
    And whenever possible the Russian version of a site, as I the Ukrainian (Russian.)

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