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    Lightbulb Server OS-Reloader?

    Guys, anybody know a OS-Reloader software that a hosting company can use for its customers?

    We use ubersmith billing system, but currently it does not have automatic OS-Reload feature, Asking their support they told me that they are planning to add it next year (we cant wait),

    If anybody aware of a OS-Reloader software that we can integrate it with ubersmith please let me know.

    Or any suggestion is also welcome.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I don't know of any ready-made solutions, all of the ones I've seen were custom-built in-house solutions. Chances are you'll have to either develop it yourself or have somebody develop one for you.
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    Do you know how much it would cost? and where is the best place i can have them to develop it for me?

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    Check out NOC-PS. I know they have WHMCS and Blesta modules. Maybe you can ask them about ubersmith.
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  5. #5 looks great. Anyone using their solution?

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    206 - thats another good one - We price match any UK Based Hosting Business!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IntelHost View Post
    Check out NOC-PS. I know they have WHMCS and Blesta modules. Maybe you can ask them about ubersmith.
    Thank you so much, Its exactly what i am looking for.

    The only problem is that there is no support for windows 2003 OS. but Thanks!

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