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    Delete Orphaned DNS Records from Former Cluster?

    I had a handful of servers setup on a cpanel dns cluster, but decided to disable the cluster and just get back to ns1/ns2 (and so forth) dedicated to each server.

    How do I remove the extra dns zones from each server that were originally synchronized from the others in the former cluster? I tried perform dns cleanup, that didn't do the trick. I already disabled dns cluster on each server.

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    There is a script cPanel has that can do it, I forget the URL to grab it but if you put in a ticket to cPanel directly they should be able to give it to you (that's how I got it, but I've misplaced it).
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    Any reason your moving away from clustering ? have you found that your DNS records are changing by themselves from time to time ? if so disable named on each of the cpanel servers and then that issue will go away.

    I found this when we started using the cluster. drove me round the twist.


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