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    VPS - For gaming servers in SEA

    So, I run gaming servers. The servers need next to no RAM or cpu, but they do have a requirement that's very limited in places except for Europe and NA - bandwidth.

    The maximum I've found so far is 4mbps, and that's very expensive, so I'm looking at VPS. A lot of them offer 1mbps, so I can just buy a bunch of different VPS' to run the servers.

    I have tried as they were recommended to me, and I was rather disappointed. Sudden and unexplainable spikes, complete server unavailability for up to 10 minutes, etc...

    On gaming servers that are being used 24/7 this can't happen. I need to be able to run a reliable service with a reliable hosting company. Does anyone have experience in the area? I could also go with a dedicated, I just need to find a good company.

    I'm using OVH to cover Europe, and Locaweb to cover South America, and I'm more than happy with them. I'm looking for a similar good quality provider in Asia.


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    Would Australia suit? I'm guessing not, but being an Australian myself, Jumba comes recommended value wise. ******** offers more bandwidth if you can get a spot.

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