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    Joomla SEO - Magento

    I am using Joomla with shopping plugin, is there are good optimization plugins for Joomla that I can use? Your recommendations deeply appreciated. Also between Joomla and Magento which will be easier for SEO purposes?

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    If you only want to make your pages search engine friendly, you can do it using default Joomla package in admin panel. But if you want more, you can use these plugins too:
    Also about your second question, i don't know a lot about Magento but i know as Joomla has many plugins, its very easy for customizations and making it search engine friendly.

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    No seo pluggin needed in joomla.

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    Joomla will be better option for SEO purposes. As there are some options available to add extension.

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    Joomla & wordpress are good for seo, not sure about Magento

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    Joomla is always better for SEO.Because the templates which are made in Joomla are easy to crawl by Google.This is widely being used now and importance of Joomla is increasing day by day according to visitors point of view.

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    Joomla is more better than Magento, it is an open source application, easy to use, and easy migration (can be easily migrated to any server).

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    I suggest you to try shopping carts like VirtueMart and JoomShoping. They are integrated with Joomla, easy to use and SEO friendly. Magento is very good, but I think it takes more resources.
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    magento also has got some good SEO packs

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    Magento. It is good for large sites and pages. Still testing it's values for seo purposes.

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    I think Joomla is far better than Magento when comparing on the ground of SEO. There are a lot of SEO plugins and extensions available in Joomla to optimize your website.

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    joomla good for seo but wp I think it better

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    joomla is best for seo it search engine friendly

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    joomla sef can be used for url rewriting. if you use template to design ur site, make sure that you remove all junk stuff from it otherwise google may penalize your site

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    Wordpress is really good for SEO (great all in one SEO plugin). I'm not sure that magento is very SEO friendly. You should try Prestashop. It's a french E-commerce CMS (free) and really good in SEO.

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    I find it pretty good.

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    Joomla is totally best for that, i ve used for SEO as well it works perfect for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsandreas View Post
    Joomla is totally best for that, i ve used for SEO as well it works perfect for me.
    Which plugin do you use ?

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