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    Why Do All My Blog Posts Get Crawled So Fast By Google?

    Honestly, is it just me? Is this the norm? I'm finding, literally 3 minutes or so after publishing, my content get's crawled by Google and indexed.

    I'm talking about articles published for clients using the Wordpress platform. Not even 4 minutes ago, I published a post, with some links to other post and other related articles on the web and checked very shortly thereafter and there it is - this has been happening to me for a long time.

    Is it just my refined SEO setup with Wordpress? My sitemap generator plugin? The fact that I'm logged in to a Google account (not in same browser)? It couldn't be the cross posting cause on this particular post, I've turned off all cross-posting with the exception of the posts automatically being picked up by RSS Graffiti - and just now, a quick glance back at the client's Facebook page shows the post wasn't even picked up yet!

    I'm asking because every now and then I find posts of people asking questions like how long does it take for Google to crawl their pages, questions like that. I haven't had a problem with that for years.

    What gives? It Google just the quick page-crawling-speed-daemon on the net?
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    Going to dig into this I do notice many days that we post any blog articles, it is typically always the highest entry page that date.
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    I would assume that Google prioritizes based on links/pagerank. I've posted on my personal blog and had the #1 spot in Google literally about 30 seconds later. I've posted on some of my other blogs and had to wait a day for it to even come up.
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    Your blog is important for Google and Google indexes it fast. Google indexes sites according to their quality and if Google knows a site qualified, it will be indexed very fast. And your blog has this situation and its the reason. Some websites don't get index even after two days and it depends on what i said.
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    In the cases of wordpress blog, fast indexing is possible. My blogs also index within 2-3 minutes after publishing new blog post. But in the case of static sites it takes time.
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    Well i think this is a thing that could only make your day sunny.
    If one of your blogs is very well seen by Google that could make the serch engine crawl very fast the other.
    Especially this will happen if you have links between them
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    Google uses RealTime to deliver up to the second results for queries. So, at least a part of the crawling process must be instantaneous. I assume they have algorithms for common words and phrases to reduce the enormous amount of data to some extent. When we write blog posts, we actually use few common words, without realizing it, and this simplifies the crawling and indexing processes.
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    For blogs, especially the ones which get constantly updated with fresh materials, fast crawling and indexing are nothing surprising. As you know, blogs have an internal RSS pinging technology which would tell search engines and blog crawlers as soon as contents get updated and Google would be among first machines to visit them.

    Of course newly launched weblogs need to remain online for some time before search engines like Google get seriously interested in crawling them after every update.
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    Google love blogs, new, orignal contents, update regularly, SEO-friendly structure, Google love all these elements. It's normal if you have shared original contents and updated your blog regularly for certain time. And why do you ask? It's a good thing for your website.
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