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    Mobile site with same content as main site, is there a risk?

    Now, this may seem like a bit of a noddy question to some of you but maybe it's not.

    If I have a normal website within which is a directory "mobile" which holds the pages optimized for the mobile web and I submit a sitemap for each of them independently, will Google see that as duplicate content as they draw their content from the same database?

    I would assume that, as they're on the same domain, it wouldn't? & for example

    Should I have one sitemap and structure it differently?

    Should I have a single link from the main site to the mobile site to allow naturally navigation flow for the robots?

    We're using a mobile detection script to redirect users automatically by the sitemap generators obviously don't see this.

    Any tips anyone?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Most sites have the same content for web and mobile version as i know. But its better that you link from the main site to the mobile site as all sites do. Its safer.
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    If they're on different URLs I could potentially see issues... You may be able to set it in the Google Webmaster Tools that it's a mobile site or if you put it on .mobi it may know that already.

    Beyond that, if it's the same URL and the content sent to the browser is identical and just formatted differently I don't see how you could have any issues.

    Google does have a "mobile browser" crawler too, I do believe and I don't see why they would penalize you for content found via the mobile browser crawler that was similar or identical to content found with the regular crawler.
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    If they are on same domain there wont be any duplicate content issues I suppose
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    You should forbid your main website to crawl by mobile agents and vice vorsa via robots.txt. This will ensure to avoid duplication issues for your website.
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