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    Talking I need SSD hard disk VPS。。。

    May I ask where ?
    Ram: 256MB--512MB
    SSD hard disk :15GB +
    IPs: 1

    Price :10 - 20$

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    Quote Originally Posted by cAPTAIN^k View Post do FusionIO storage
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    I haven't noticed any with SSD hard disk space within that price range.

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    SSD still not common hardware for VPS server as the limitation on the capacity. With your requested budget, I'd say difficult to get one.
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    Too low on budget

    I believe that you can find a great VPS provider, take a look at some reviews here on WHT on a $10-$20 range with a reasonable amount of diskspace, ssh access, full root access, sftp, bandwidth, etc.

    But I don't think that you can find a provider that would give you SSD for that price range. had not been a great host, I've been with them (for 3 days only), not to mention during that days, (I tried the smallest plan, on a daily payment basis), I've had abt 2-3 hours of downtime.

    So, I decided to not continue hosting with them, but you can find some VPS providers that has RAID1 / RAID 10, take a look at Linode/Slicehost

    PS: I'm currently doing some server migrations to Linode for a client. Had been with them for 6 days only, and I must say that the support is really great (fast response time) and reliable uptime, you also get to choose which datacenter you'd like to have your VPS placed, and they could also transfer it for you anytime (FREE)

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    15gb+ SSD space at that price just isn't possible. Either way, only provider i know is QuickWeb, who have an excellent reputation.

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    For your budget you may be able to get 1 or 2 GB on an SSD, or maybe a little more if the provider has a really long ROI on the server... Honestly - I wouldn't go with a provider offering SSD storage at that price as it's not really financially viable at this time.
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