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    Review about photonvps, CH Hosting, thrustvps...anyh one?


    I'm newbie on VPS and searching around quite sometimes to get a reliable provider.
    Looking around find that photonvps, CH Hosting, and thrustvps have good offer.
    Anyone around here used their service before? can you please share your experience?
    I look at their network speed up to 200mbps which photonvps and thrust only 100mbps...may i know is there any significant different in setting up gameserver?

    I'm looking someting with:

    2 cores
    1GB ram
    1tb data transfer

    thanks in advanced

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    I'll give a brief review of the services i've used that you're interested in.

    PhotonVPS - I used them 7 months ago. The node was fast, disk I/O was good and i could cap out the port. My IP was blacklisted, and after several requests for them to clear it, there was little progress. Clearing blacklists does take a while, however. I couldn't wait for them to resolve it any longer, so i had to cancel. I received a refund for the total time i was there and they sincerely apologised for the inconveniences caused to me. Highly recommended.

    ThrustVPS - I came to ThrustVPS to resolve my IP problem with PhotonVPS funnily enough. My first node has poor drive performance, causing high I/O wait. They moved it over to another node and i was happy. The datacenter was having some network troubles i think it was causing some downtime, but they couldn't avoid it. Ended up cancelling since i didn't need it anymore.

    Out of the two, i'd recommend PhotonVPS. They were happy to give me a new IP, but i ended up wanting to save some money.

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    Reliability comes at a price. Please let us know what your budget is so we can recommend best setup, etc.
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    Just to share my 2 cents.
    I used to be CHHost's client for few months.
    Their overall service and pricing is good, I used their service for my Counter Strike server for few of my friends. The server was good enough to handle my CS server because i have 4 cores Xeon X3430 and 1GB RAM. Average ticket respond time about 2 - 3 hours, but this not really important to me as it is on unmanaged VPS and most of the time i can settled my issue with online tutorial and CS tutorial ready available easily in google. Latency wise some how feel a little bit lag but after traceroute, it seems to be network routing issue.
    Initially thought to earn some money to maintain this server from all my gamers, but the return is not as expected.
    Anyway, you can give them a try and perhaps you can post us your experience with them later.

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