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    Thumbs up The company that Google almost bought

    I love this excerpt of the author's visit to a Google office:

    There were ping pong tables. There was food everywhere. There were screens held vertical instead of horizontal, two per cubicle. There were conference rooms where half the people seemed real and half seemed to be attending via hologram projectors. Information was reality while ageless kids skateboarded from one end of the enormous floor to the other.
    Everyone in the conference room that had me in it was smart, curious, interested. They asked the right questions. They nodded at my answers politely before jumping on the next set of questions.  Its like how girls are better at asking questions than guys. They asked me everything. All I wanted to ask was, “how does it feel to be loved by Google?”
    I loved her and I wanted my company, Stockpickr, to be bought by her and no other.
    The office environment sounds extremely cool!

    Full article:

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    lol mike, it does indeed!

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