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    467 - Not Trademarked by Google?

    I've been researching trademarks for a blog posting, and I came across

    I have looked at other Google, Inc. Owned trademarks and they all say "Google Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CALIFORNIA 94043" as the trademark applicant/registered owner.

    However, trademark shows it's in the process of either attempting to be trademarked, or will be trademarked by register/owner "HENRY J. PAULINO-DIAZ INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 30 VESEY NEW YORK NY 10007 1520 202ND STREET BAYSIDE NEW YORK 11361"

    Interesting I say... Is it even possible for it to pass through trademarking since it actually contains the word "Google", and Google actually owns the word "Google", but not ""?

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    That's strange! I never even noticed that lol. maybe two different people own it?

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    Why would Google need to trademark The word Google is trademarked and that is all you should need.

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    I don't think a domain name can be trademarked with the extension. Search in for YouTube.Com or will not find any record.

    And furthermore this is entered as SUPPLEMENTAL register. I don't know what exactly it means in terms of usage but the explanation below shows it is not same as the regular trademark registration.

    Difference between the Principal Register and the Supplemental Register

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    Henry is probably going to get denied.

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