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    HDR Photography site

    RCMedia Services is offering a unique HDR photography site for sale to a party who wishes to consider something of this nature. The site was designed to be the first (and as far as I am aware, is still the ONLY) such site but our project ran out of marketing funds before we could realize much benefit. The admin system is custom coded goods and is top notch and complete. It runs on a credits system which is PayPal IPN (automatic) driven.

    Details of this offering can be had by contacting me via my web form HERE
    RCMedia Services Most Anything Digital

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    I have a client who may be interested. Would like to see the site and have an idea what you are asking. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Thanks for your interest. I have your email and will reply.



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    If you post an idea of the price range it would help..

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    The site has about 6 or 7 grand worth of coding (scripting effort) behind it and more than 200 original images for give-away. We know damn well we're not gonna get that much for the site, but we'll entertain any offer over 2K. I'll even include the first year of hosting for a reasonable offer and the coder will offer a fair amount of customization to help integrate it into any existing systems or minor modifications.

    I figure, for those in the business, the domain by itself would be worth that.



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