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    advice reseller or vps

    Please advice whether it is better with small ammount of hosted sites to hawe reseller acount or start with vps.I plan to hawe 20 sites for start,and this is not a big budget sites.Thanks

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    Start small.....and increase resources when the business warrants it. So a reseller is your best option.

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    Yeah a reseller seems a lot better - unless your 20 sites are going to be server intensive - but i would still start with a reseller just to see how things go, if a VPS is needed, you can upgrade as you go - at least it will save you money until your sites reach there.

    But if you can afford to use the money - then maybe its better to be with VPS - as to avoid the headache of changing..

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    If the site's are normal consumers and you don't have any experience with servers, then I suggest you get the Reseller.

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    Start with a reseller ...
    if they are less than 5, you may just buy a hosting accounts only ...

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    You can start with a reseller hosting. But I recommend you buy it from a provider that can be move your accounts to a VPS or Dedicated Server in the future.
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    Its all depend on your current resource uses and applications mostly in Memory and Cpu uses, doesn't matter quantity of website. Some time single website can't hold a VPS or low end Dedicated Box too.
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    The VPS vs reseller question is all about control and responsibility, not resources. If you don't know much about managing servers and don't want the responsibility, go with a reseller (at least to start with). Then later, if you become frustrated with the lack of control and you're ready to take on the responsibility, move to VPS.

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    We believe to purchase server resources with that of only what you need right now keeping your costs in-line, but as said before go with a provider that will have a migration path and server support to move up when the time is right. We also recommend using a Reseller account to start, then move to a VPS {MANAGED} to continue moving up until you reach dedicated and unmanaged. But all in good time,,,, years! - Affordable Web Hosting

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    Thanks for answers i will try with reseller i found on wht some hosting firm's one is interesting, hawe cheap reseller program and will try with them,i will update my Initial experience with as reseller and if increase the business I'll take VPS.
    p.s. Does anyone have experience with this netmagics hosting( ) ?

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    To update i order on netmagics reseller so i will update my Initial experience with them and my reseller experience too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medulla Hosting View Post
    To update i order on netmagics reseller so i will update my Initial experience with them and my reseller experience too.
    Good luck.

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    To start you should probably get a reseller account and then you can always upgrade to a vps or higher.
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    My opinion is that a reseller is the best for you. This because you dont need that much resources YET. If you need more resources I advice a vps.
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    As most of the members already mentioned that start with reseller but don't look for cheap provider go with quality hosting provider

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    I have about 10 different sites and am sticking with a reseller account, mainly due to my lack of understanding for managing hosting and all thing technical...lolol

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    You can easily manage these 20 websites within a reseller account rather than buying a VPS that will be expensive in the start.
    However, when you have started to get enough clients, move to VPS.
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    OK, controversial post I think seeing the trend so far... I'm going to go out and say that Reseller accounts *might* still be better even as number of customers grows. With the host managing the servers, and plans often allowing addition of unlimited numbers of web spaces, it's only the ultimate customisation that should be lacking. If not looking at adding lots of extra apache/perl/php components or whatever, I'm surprised most people seem to be ruling out Reseller-type shared hosting long term. I understand it can work out cheaper too, but again it depends on the respective Reseller/VPS plans.

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    That is also true, We started off from a reseller and then expanded as we got more customers and made more profits, Once we were able to afford a dedicated server we then upgraded to the sever and then so on to which we now have rack space.

    The only downfall as said above with the reseller is that if you require to install additional things then it is quiet difficult as you have to get back to your host to ask them to do this and if they do not agree to what you wish to install then your pretty stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vetofunk View Post
    I have about 10 different sites and am sticking with a reseller account, mainly due to my lack of understanding for managing hosting and all thing technical...lolol
    That's the right decision then... who did you go with? - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    This is your beginning then i will suggest you, start a reseller webhosting and also suggest you can see ---webhostingbuzz---

    Good Luck
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