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    Angry Facing Probpems with NAME.COM

    Hello Every Body

    I am facing an urgent issue with

    We have a client registered a domain name from a company called (alexforhost) this company has an account with as they used to register all their domains under this single account.

    This Company (alexforhost) get out from business from 3 months ago and no one can reach this company with emails or phone or even mobiles

    After i while some one from that company update the whois of the domain under my client contact information and update the administrative email from his yahoo email to my client business email.

    and the (BILLING CONTACT INFO) are under my client business email)

    my questions is after that can i get the AUTH-Code of the domain from or even get access for the same domain from or NOT???

    Thanks for your help

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    Send them an email from the administrative email address and ask them to send the code

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    we have send them an email from the administrative email but till now no reply also we tried to retrieve the password of the account from by forget password option we found that the password has been sent to again (the old email at the administrative email)

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    it is a 3 days ago till now and no reply from them, Also i tried to call them via phone an AUTO REPLY DESK replied me more than 12 mines please wait

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    Call free from outside the USA using Gmail

    I suspect you are not in the USA. You can call phone numbers in the USA, free, until the end of 2011, using Gmail. You need a plug in for it to work.

    This is very early Saturday morning in the USA. Probably Support is closed until Monday, but, send a polite message to the email address "stub" provided. Possibly someone will reply to you during the weekend.

    I suspect you will need to wait until next week, to get this sorted out.

    Also, you can contact on Facebook.
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    Really i am so worry, as the CLOSED COMPANY (ALEXFORHOST) didn't pay their invoice to the Web Hosting Provider and all my emails are down now from 3 days ago

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    Sorry, but I don't see what that has got to do with support.
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    hmmm thats too bad.Now you have one option only to cl them or demand for epp code or authorization code of your domain then shift to other web hosting provider.

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    how can i switch to anther web hosting provider without updating my name servers to the new web hosting provider

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    sorry i was bit distract , i thought that was your issue instead of your client's issue. couldn't find any other way to contact to instead of telephonic call .

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    we get a reply from but this reply did not help us they refused to send us the Auth-Code to the administrative email they want to send the Auth-Code to the email of the closed company at their account file

    what can i do now

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    Did you send your request from the admin email address? I'd suggest you call them and ask to escalate the issue.
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    Are the contact details - name , address, etc correctly updated?

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    @Storm911 - Leave domain at - be friendly at all times

    @Storm911 - I believe you should leave the domain name registered at Your goal should be to get control of the domain name registration, to correct all of the Contact information for the WHOIS and to change the Name Servers to point to those of your new web hosting provider. did *not* cause this problem. I strongly suggest that when you contact Support that at all times, you be friendly, courteous and respectful. If you are, hopefully, they will help you. If you are not, probably you will lose the domain name.

    Neha Mahajan used the word "demand" in a post in this thread. I believe if you "demand" anything, you are *not* going to get it.

    Be nice, be courteous, be friendly and patient and you will hopefully get control of the domain name registration.

    When you contact Support, at or at any other company, the person you are asking to help you is not the person who caused your problem. GL

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    Again, for the 3,000th time ... NEVER, EVER, let your hosting company have control over your domain name... EVER - EVER - EVER.

    Is this really an issue for

    It seems to me an issue for the original client who was an idiot to let some small bankrupt web hosting company retain ownership of their domain name.

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    ya exactly , contact them through admin contact info.

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