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    Supermicro 825TQ Differences?

    Have any of you SM fans seen any differences in the rails on the 825TQ Lately? Same exact chassis/psu/everything as far as model numbers go.

    I racked a new server yesterday and I can't get the 'ears' on the server to go flush with the rack verticals on a 4 post Dell 24U rack.

    You can see a server I bought in 09 and the one I bought in 2011 here. The 2011 server stops "hard" at that point (hitting the stop points on the back of the rail where it should).. but pokes out a ton.

    Chong have you seen this?

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    I've never used the square hole to round hold adapter kits... Not sure what advantage they have. (Other then you can save a few nuts and bolts).

    In either case, one set of rails seems to be for a 1U, the other for a 2U?
    Do you have the part numbers on the rails adaptors? do they match?
    Apparently you want the

    It does seem like supermicro changed the standard rails for these to MCP-290-00058-0N
    Definitely not what I'm used to.
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    My rack has square holes. I'm not using the adapter either. Both are the exact same model 2U servers. Rails seem identical between them. Both quick release.

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    anyone else? bueller?

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    I racked one 2U 825TQ not long ago in APC cabinet with square holes, didn't find any problem with it. Was pretty easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meyu View Post
    I racked one 2U 825TQ not long ago in APC cabinet with square holes, didn't find any problem with it. Was pretty easy.
    Did the ears on the server sit flush with the rack verticals? Mine wont go that far in, even testing the rails off the rack. You can see in my original post where the server pokes out 1/2" or so from the rack verticals. It's more cosmetic than a functional issue, but dang that's a big change from the rails before.

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