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    Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth - Pharma doesnt want to cure you

    We have all pretty much known this but its quite good they finally were willing to speak the truth!

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    Medication merely suppresses what you have, it doesn't make you better. Ding dong!

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    Nope it shure doesnt and its sad how many are brainwashed into thinking it does

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    It is sad. Prescription drugs are now taking over the street drugs too. It's easier for kids to snatch pills out of their parents cabinet than it is to go buy drugs in the real world. People also assume these medicines are safe just because they are given to them by doctors. The doctors are getting paid also...

    Good luck taking down the pharmaceutical industry though. They will protect their profits at all cost.
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    They don't want to cure you. Same way with cancer. The treatments are $1,000 a day.

    I have seen drugs on TV that is FDA approved plus it causes Cancer & Death. It is sad for sure.
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    Hmm, I suspect that there is an economic incentive to treat long-term, rather than to cure.

    That said, many scientists are seeking out cures for diseases.

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    I used to not be sure about the FDA one way or another. (THAT WAS BEFORE I WAS AWAKENED TO THE EVILNESS OF THE WORLD)

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