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    Talking Club Uptime - Review =)


    i just decided to write a small review since they really deserve one from me =D.
    I'm with them for some months now and chose the "Managed OpenVZ VPS Level 4". The fact that i use it only for websites, forums and cm systems makes it only possible for me to review this kind of hosting within their VPS offers. And yes -> i'm not using all the Ressources advertised .

    How did i got there ?

    Well i've used Shared Hosting and managed VPS services a lot and have come across a bunch of different providers. Some websites we had with MDDHosting were just growing out of their semi-dedicated hosting account and sadly they moved their ressources to another datacenter which caused speed problems for our visitor base. So we looked for another provider with that kind of perfect Support. After a lot of research (and some bad experiences) i found out about Club Uptime and decided to give them a try since the deals sounded very appealing and they currently had an offer running. (+ it was cheaper for us because we could put some things in one place) The next point was that they are using SoftLayer's Dallas, TX DC which MDDHosting used before the move as well.

    The Support

    Since day #1 they deliver an outstanding support and i'm surprised how fast they reply every time again. I really never had any problems and whatever i requested / complained about they always helped me with pleasure.
    (My VPS was setup within a few hours)

    With only these few words i can give their support a rating of 10/10.

    The performance

    Regarding the performance it's like i said earlier. I can only review the VPS for what i use it for. For sure i did some performance tests and it performed better than most budget VPS i have been with. When i say budget it's nothing bad at all. They offer budget VPS in terms of the price =D but by far no budget Service or old Servers.

    For me Performance: 10/10


    Now one critical point for me is uptime. And yeah i have run through some trouble but all in all i'm very satisfied. One time a longer downtime (which is worth mentioning) was the time where CU had to suffer under a large DDOS attack. Some of you may know this. But that was not their fault and they did what they were able to do. Another bigger thing was a hardware failure on the node my VPS is. That was a little troublesome but gladly i had some backups in place. (Guys don't forget the backups! =D ) These are only some small negative examples so don't think my Server was always down. Since uptime is really important to me i could not afford that and you'll see it on my rating which is:

    Uptime: 9 / 10

    Do i recommend CU: YES definitely!

    Okay, i hope i could help some of you =)

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    Thanks for the great report! It's always nice to see people happy with what we do. Long may it continue.

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    Glad to see another great review of ClubUpTime. Never looked back when I switched to their services.

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    Good to see. Keep up the great work
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    Keep up the good work Matt and Club Uptime team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjetterman View Post
    Keep up the good work Matt and Club Uptime team!
    Oh we will

    There's a lot coming that will just make things better and better

    Thank you for the kind words! It's threads like this that keeps us wanting to do the work we do
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