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    iPhone App Development - Looking for your opinions

    I haven't posted on here for a while now as I'm no longer in the hosting business (not enough time and resources) but I've recently been doing some development with iOS which has brought me back in to the hosting world.

    I've had a good look at the App store and there seems to be a lack of diversity for hosting related apps especially if your using WHMCS and Cpanel (the two systems I have a fair amout of experience with) which has brought me to thinking about the possibility of developing one myself.
    I know there is an app provided by WHMCS but you need an additional license and the reviews are mixed. Same kind of story with Cpanel really, only third party apps but again some good reviews and some bad.

    What I'm thinking is an app aimed at the WHMCS users, a management tool I guess but with some added functionality along the way and the possibility of some future WHM integration (somewhere down the line)

    Basically what I'm after is some feedback from those who would/wouldn't use such an app and if you would maybe some suggested features that you think are lacking from current apps on the store and that you would find useful.

    I think it's important to say that this would be a paid app, sub $5/3 and as the development is still in the planning stage won't be making an appearance in the app store too soon!

    If you could give me some comments or thoughts I would be really grateful.



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    How about something for HostBill?

    There certainly is a need there

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    yer it deffinately sounds like a good idea.

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    Just noticed Capp have mixed reviews.They latest version released june2010 it seems.It's about an year.I feel they stopped developemnt.

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    Also noticed onapp iphone app dont have any single review.What happening? Silience means positive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert vd Boorn View Post

    Purchased one.
    Looks good.

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