Hi Guys,
I am starting a new service for small hosting firms that are overwhelmed with day-to-day activities and need help collecting on outstanding invoices. We will keep records of calls, payments and other information that client passes onto us and be happy to enter them into your system, or email them to you directly so that the customer service experience will be transparent.

Current Qualifications:
-You must be setup to allow usage of softphone and have an available extension.
-Invoice ages must be less than 9 months.
-20% Commission for closed invoices due in 5 business days.
-10% non refundable deposit will be required.
-Ability to send our payments through paypal.
-Ability to export client data, or allow access to billing system.

To get started please provide the following additional information:
-Primary contact for billing and technical support. As well as general extensions needed to transfer calls to appropriate personal after payment is received.
-How are your accounts suspended on the server at this time ?
-An outline of how you currently handle outstanding accounts.
-Are you able to change your outstanding invoices policy and procedures.
-An outline of how your chargebacks are handled at this time. We have experience in dealing with chargebacks and will keep to the guidelines set by visa and mastercard.

We do expect to have different procedures for each client and are very flexible on how you would like us to execute this service on your behalf.

Have your billing manager contact me directly. I have a resume and past proven experience in running an internal collections department for another hosting company. I have no problem with NDA, or confidentiality agreements.

Timothy Rhoads CEO Solarblu.net and Mariehosting
Wordpress and Hosting Expert, E-commerce Business Consultant
AIM: solarbluseth
Gtalk: solarbluseth