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    Alternative to 1and1

    I've been with 1and1 since 2003. Despite all their criticism and bad rep I have never had any problems with them. They've worked great for me and they've been cheap.

    However, I can't stand their new admin panel. It sucks big time. I'm looking for another registrar.

    These are the things I like at 1and1:

    1) Low prices
    2) Automatic renewals
    3) Private registration at no extra cost

    In addition to above, these are things I also value:

    1) Simple and fast admin panel (I hate GoDaddy)
    2) Fast updating of domain records

    Please advice! Thank you!

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    Check out I've been using them ever sins my first domain. They are a good company with reliable support and good prices. They also offer Price WHOis

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    i recomend you internetbs

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    and directi (resellerclub) is good,hawe all what you need.

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    I have ~70 domains at and it works good for me. They have good prices, free private registrations using coupon "freewhois", you can set up auto billing, very simple and clean administration, fast and simple domain pushing between accounts, and registration process is about 2 clicks + paypal login and confirmation. (much faster than godaddy endless clicking)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medulla Hosting View Post
    i recomend you internetbs
    Yes, if your needs are straightforward and simple, I also recommend

    I've never had an issue with them - a good replacement for 1and1 - and at lower prices!
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    NameCheap got it all except for the prices which are a little bit on higher side.
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    Check out internetbs i am using from 1 year very cheap and instant domain registration
    Web Hosting in Pakistan -> Fast Hosting,(25 minute initial ticket response time guarantee)
    Hosting in Pakistan -> Keep your site online with Cheap Price

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    Moniker is OK


    I had very bad experiences with 1 & 1, esp. when trying to transfer out! I used them for 3 years, but they didn't seem to care. Extremely hard to talk with a real person... I think they're in Germany.

    I used GoDaddy for a while - they're ok. But I figure we're paying for all the marketing, the babes the "Big Daddy" hangs out with, race car for what's her name, etc. Plus, he shoots elephants.

    One of my domain names got "snagged" by Moniker's parent co., which uses automatic fishing to get expiring ones. They agreed to make a deal with me to get mine back for $30, which wasn't bad, considering.

    They automatically transfered it to Moniker. I was going to transfer out, but since their email CS was so helpful and quickly responsive, plus their renewal price was competitive, I just renewed. I did turn OFF auto-renew. I hate that. But I can understand why some people like it.

    Moniker seems to have l limited access to controls, but it's set up the way I want it (catch-all email address, etc). So... I'll plug along 'til I see something better.

    BTW, I've heard good things about That and NameCheap would be ones I'd try if Moniker didn't work out.

    I'll eventually pull all my domains away from GoDaddy. The bells & whistles & race car (& dead elephants ) don't do a thing for me.


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    Namecheap all the way, it's the only one i've used that I actually like, plus there is 24/7 support best of luck!

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    I like anyone that offer 24/7 support.

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    Used for years - very good telephone support

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    I hate godaddy because he shoots animals !!!! but they have some great prices with coupons, 1and1 support is not great and dns updates take a day .. I would go with internetbs (great prices)

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    I currently have an inexpensive server with 1&1, based on my experience thus far I can say that their support is far better than Volume Drive or Hetzner put together. If you need support try to get a hold of Christopher S., he is quite knowledgeable and cooperative.

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    if you whant use order self domain or sell business client domain , my fav.

    if you whant resell domainfor anyone use Resellerclub.

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    I personally use GoDaddy for everything because they offer great registration coupons (such as 99 cent .coms, or $3 for .com including privacy), and reasonable renewal rates ($7.49 on average).

    Their new admin control panel makes it very hard to bulk add domain privacy, but that's the only real downside, and their support staff on the phone is always there and willing to help, and can even add bulk domain privacy for you.

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