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    Perfect Method to Backup?

    Hello All,

    What would be the perfect method to back up the entire website on single domain that consists of different softwares (vBulletin, Wordpress, Zencart etc.)? I can download the databases, e-mail accounts separately but how to get going with the large file system, which includes over thousands of files and downloading them through FTP is for sure a chore. The cPanel Download isn’t easy either. Total backup size in tar format comes to 3.5 GB that asks for a lot of download time on an average broadband connection. I’m not yet interested in paid backup services. Any pointers?


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    If you have ssh access, you might try rsync, as it checks for changes in files before downloading rather than downloading everything again.

    If you don't have ssh access, another option would be to backup everything inside the same server. You would be backing up, and there is nothing to download, but if the hardware fails, its over.

    Another option would be to pay for extra storage at another server off-site, generally speeds between major datacenters are very good, allowing you to backup Gigabytes of data in minutes.

    So basically you are left with either FTP to your own computer, an off-site server, or invest in high-end backup solutions such as R1Soft.
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    I have SSH access. Could you explain how do I download all files from there? Thanks.

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    I have to say if the budget allow R1 Soft is fantastic for both MySql and files.

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    If you have got important file on the server, you better to buy a cheap vps and backup everything over to that server. In this way you will survive if your hardware goes wrong.

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