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    Unhappy A bit Confused


    Newbie Here.

    Hey Guys I wanted to know is it possible to acquire Anti Ddos Service From a Different Host as the one you a currently operating under?
    Or if you wish to have anti ddos service you have to change your hosting solution all together

    thanx in advance

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    You do not have to be with a host that provides anti-DDOS services in order to obtain them. Many of the services are via proxy, meaning, you point your website to the IP address of the providers so the traffic hits their servers first. They scrub/filter the traffic, then pass the legitimate requests through to your 'real' IP.

    You may have to work with your current hosting provider to have them whitelist the IP addresses of the mitigation provider within any firewall or IPS they might already have in place. Other than that it's a pretty straight forward process.

    There's a lot of different providers, so shop around and see who fits your needs.

    Good luck -

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    some cisco dedicated firewall can protect ddos but to a certain limit, where as some proxy shield solutions are available which can protect ddos to a great level

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