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    Any plugin similar to this one for wordpress

    hello everyone
    i was wondering if any of you know any plugin similar to "Seo Bosster pro " for wordpress 3.1

    this plugin was working fine untill i upgraded my wordpress to 3.1,now the admin panel of plugin does not load,so i was wondering if anyone knows similar plugin?

    the best feature of this plugin was auto tag blogposts for incoming search queries and then add that query in Title of post as well

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    Are you talking about a autopost plugin? Never use any kind of plugins for autopost, just use All In One Pack for SEO.

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    I am not familiar with any such plugin but there is custom tag option given in dashboard of wordpress. You can add tag there. These also work as you wish.

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    "WordPress SEO by Yoast" is the one I use. It works very well.

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    All in one is the best another one is share it all these are wordpress plugin to make post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwan View Post
    "WordPress SEO by Yoast" is the one I use. It works very well.

    I was recommended this, I currently use All In One SEO but this looked fantastic.
    But when I used it on 3.1 it would not overwrite the default homepage title tag. It just wouldnt work so I went back to 'All In One'

    Shame as it looked great.

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    It's different from All-in-one SEO plugin. I already used that one but I don't know any alternative.

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    I use all in one SEO.

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    I am not familiar with that one, I use all in one SEO as well. To me that is the best one that is out there, and provides the best results.

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