We are currently looking for smaller company's that are not able to keep in business to be taken over.

What does this mean? If you have a company (Shared, Reseller, VPS) company that's under a year old or does not have many clients and are unable to keep it going. We are interested in taking this offer and giving you a nice amount of money for letting us do this.

We are only looking for serious offers, not people with doing affiliate sign up's and then thinking there a cPanel hosting company.

We are interested in taking over companys that are currently in the XX,XXX range of monthly earnings. If you are selling your company and your company does not meet this requirement (under or above) you can still contact us and we will still review your offer.

Please do let us know of all the information when you do contact us as it would help us be able to provide our offer and extra's we will provide to you for contacting us.

Why? We took over another company end of last year, and turned it around and made it be great. We are currently just trying to keep that going, We are not taking over many hosts as we get, as some will be denied, and some will be accepted. We are only accepting ones that could benefit us (even if there in badshape) but we are looking for ones, and trying to protect the client base they do have of providing a great service and even providing them more services/features and more reliable service at the best prices we can offer..

So, anyone that does have a company that is going under, don't have time, or just looking to sell..

Send your offers to us today, and get the most you could get!

Ways to Contact:
Shoot me a PM, and I can also help you, or send it directly to the admin handling this at bryan[at]thefusionnet.com

Thank you,
and I hope to hear from some of you soon, I see daily of company's being posted here for sale, and my only question is why start in the first place if you knew, or couldn't make it?

Our business plan was to ensure what we provide can be provided, and that we are debt free to provide the best service we can to you!

Thanks again, and I really do hope to hear from some of you soon that are posting threads here interested in selling.