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    I'm considering starting up on my own, ive been working on a business plan for many weeks now.

    im currently working on advertising section and have a query i cant find an answer for my self.

    i have access to a list of people that could potentially be customers, how would one go about contacting these customers without it been classed as spam/junk mail, cold calling is out of the question, contact would have to be email first of all

    has anyone done something similar before, what was the success/conversion rate ?


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    Unless you schedule a face to face meeting which I'm not sure is possible in your case, the only way to get in would be to call in and introduce yourself as I feel it is more powerful than just sending an email across which is usually classified as spam.

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    Sending an email only without any form of other contact is a spam for sure. No one is going to believe that it is not.

    The one thing that I would tell you is that you need some form of physical contact. What we did during our start-up stage was just that. We called up people and visited several places.

    And, one thing for sure is that you also need include these expenses in your start-up costs. After all, they are investments.
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    You will need to have a rather personal approach.
    Get them to spread the news and make them your agents, repeat that to their subordinate. Then you'll have something to talk about..

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    Letter through the post in an envelope. Email as you said is possible Junk and Cold-calling (here in the UK) is banned and is a reportable offence.

    So, a letter containing details that you can offer them a service and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss that matter further at their convenience would probably be your best bet.

    good luck!
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