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    Re Launch - Opinions Needed


    Ive been discussing with the team about whether to re-launch Zoom Active focused on one product or service or to offer a array of products and services right out of the door.

    The overall goal is to not make money right away however to become a very good business.

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    I don't know what Zoom Active is or what it used to be, but in my opinion it is better off to start with one. Would you rather be known as a company that is excellent with one thing or mediocre with five things?

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    Although a different market altogether, Apple has a nice philosophy to go by. Instead of having hundreds of different types of similar product, it is usually best to only have a few. The more products you have, the more confused a potential customer will get, especially fit hey are a novice to web hosting. would keep it at 1-2 services in the beginning, that way you can really focus your marketing and advertising dollars and really make it count!

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    @JeffBee, Zoom Active started off as a marketing / creative company however is transforming more into web services company since design services are not scaling well with a growing company due to the demand and what can be fulfilled.

    I too voted for 1, my team disagreed however this poll has reconfirmed my personal thoughts on this matter. Apple is an innovative business and one of which should inspire others.
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