About 10 years ago I read that it'd take 3-4 hosting co.'s before you found the right one.

Q. #1_ Were they're referring to 'the average' individual in search of a hosting co.

Q. #2_ Were they referring to 'below average' (hosting knowledgeable individuals)

Q. #3_ Were they talking about seasoned webmasters?

I was just reading a review about a particular product and the reviewer claimed (I agree with him because I'd bought the product and realized it WASN'T for me) the product was for experienced marketers.

This relates to the above hosting claim.

....so WHY don't marketers even offer a 'suggestion' of whi this product is aimed/good for?

I've bought technical books that STATE "novice/beginner/intermediate/advanced.

Are these dudes so hungry 'for-a-buck' that they wouldn't care less who took their bait?

What do you 'stink?'