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    MS SQL Server issues inherent to VPS??

    So I'm researching different VPS hosts and am looking for suggestions...

    When I was on the (triple8) site I noticed this in their FAQ section:

    Are there any software programs that do not run well on VPS servers?
    Yes, some programs do not run well (or sometimes not at all) on VPS servers. These are usually programs that use a lot of ram (MS SQL Server) or very busy database servers. Also, any program that needs to control or manipulate the NIC card (such as proxy servers or VPN software) most likely will not work. If you have an application that uses alot of CPU, RAM, or HD read/writes, in most cases these will not perform well in a VPS environment. A dedicated server may be a better option.

    We were running MS SQL Server on our current VPS (Windows 2003) and didn't seem to be having any issues...

    Can anyone say what the basis of their assertion that MS SQL Server doesn't do well on a VPS box?

    And if that truly is accurate... what's the next best solution, a Dedicated Server instead?

    Any/All advice/input would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks so much,
    Craig J

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    Hi Craig,

    While I do (overall) agree with that assessment, fundamentally the answer is still that it "depends". MS-SQL on a VPS can be a great fit for a lot of applications, but it's not a one size fits all answer. Any type of SQL server (not just MS-SQL), loves two things: memory and disk throughput. All too often, especially with the 'budget' VPS category those are the two most constrained or inadequate resources.

    If done correctly (e.g. given the proper resources), SQL runs very well virtualized. Depending on the workload that might mean fiber channel storage arrays vs. local SATA storage, etc. For heavy workloads it'll definitely be in your best interest to go dedicated with RAID-10 SAS storage or SSD. It would simply be more economical than finding a VPS provider with the capability of providing an adequate environment.

    The best advice I can give you is know your application and have a baseline of performance, metrics and expectations before issues arise. If you're happy with your performance now, correlate this to what the workload is and what type of environment you're currently in. Regularly collect and monitor performance data. Knowing these metrics will greatly aid in determining when upgrades are needed and then ultimately in comparing different environments when you do change VPS platforms or jump to dedicated.


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    We run some heavy load SQL servers on VPS and have no problem at all (Hyper-V platform).
    You may experience performance issue when hosting SQL Server on overselling node with bad disk IO. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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