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    iWeb cPane/nGinx Admin Isseu PLEASE HELP!

    So last night i upgraded my server to cPanel build WHM 11.29.0 (build 13)

    i use nginx admin on my server to run nginx aside of apache this morning i went to upgrade to the new release of nginx admin which requires me un-installing the old one first so i did upon install i get

    [email protected] [/usr/local/src/publicnginx]# ./nginxinstaller install
    Please upgrade cPanel to version 11.28 or above
    I have tried everything from upgrading via whm and in ssh with scripts up cp but i just can not roll back to 11.28

    the reason this is an issue is because none of my sites are loading correctly

    "content encoding error"
    "connection timed out"
    "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in"
    "slow load"

    my data center is iWeb but they want to charge $75 and hour to investigate which is pretty steep.

    Any help would be very appreciated

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    I don't think 11.29 should be used on a production server - it is a testing version that still may have lots of problems...

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    I upgraded to see what was new as i do not sell hosting on my server and got screwed : )

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    What would cause apache to throw a Encoding error ?

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    I think you already did it but I have seen on some forums that you should completely uninstall and reinstall nginx after your cpanel upgrade. Can you try it? There's a thread on cPanel's forum here. You could also try to ask on Nginx's forums here :

    If you do not have any important information on your server you could simply ask for a reinstallation of the server that would be cheaper than the support time to fix the problem. If you have a Smart Server you can reinstall by yourself easily as many times as you wish, if it's a Classic Server I am sure something can be done do complete a cheap reinstall.

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