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    [For Hire] Linux Administrator 1/2 - Full Time/Salary

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my place on your team.

    First and foremost, I am an American living in Dallas, Texas and looking for full time hourly or salary work as a Linux Administrator 1/2 (I am also willing to be a hybrid Windows/Linux Administrator if necessary). I have worked for several web-related companies doing Linux administration, MySQL database dministration and development, PHP development and automation development for over 3 years.

    I am willing to work up to 48 hours per week on any shift. I am also open the idea of telecommuting or relocating to another state if necessary. My salary requirement is $42,000/year or $22/hour and I am not interested in 1099 work (unless you can offer greater than $22/hour).

    In the past I have worked for both FireHost and HostGator as Support Engineer and Linux Administrator, respectively. I spent nearly four years pursuing an undergraduate degree; however, I did not graduate. In spite of this, I have ability to write in a professional manner and speak intelligently on behalf of your company while interfacing with customers.

    Below are my proficiencies and software/concepts I am experienced with:

    • Strong Linux, Windows and Mac OS background.
    • Good with desktop/rack hardware; build, troubleshooting, upgrades.
    • Well versed with GNU/Linux/UNIX operating systems (prefer CentOS/RHEL).
    • Can administrate and troubleshoot systems on XenServer and VMware ESXi.
    • Experienced in Windows Server 2k8 (R2).

    • Have worked with the following appliances: Cisco ASA5550, Kemp LoadMaster, Imperva SecureSphere, RioRey RX4400 and NetApp FAS2020 SAN.
    • Well experienced with Bash, DNS (BIND), iptables, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Litespeed Web Server, PHP, SMTP (Exim/Postfix), IMAP/POP (Dovecot), Memcached, Firewalls (iptables/netfilter), NetApp Data ONTAP, Cisco SSL-VPN, R1Soft CDP Backup Server, cPanel 11, Plesk 9-10, Nagios, Splunk.
    • Experience with configuring and/or troubleshooting Active Directory, Terminal Server, IIS7, MSSQL (Express and Enterprise), WSUS.
    • A lot of experience with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco, Magento, CodeIgniter and several other CMSs and frameworks.
    • Professional and personal experience recompiling the Linux kernel for all types of modifications. Comfortable with compiling any binary from source.
    • Professional and personal experience scripting with PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Good understanding of creating efficient queries for MySQL and SQL derivatives and maintaining SQL databases including repair and optimization. Strong understanding and use of MVC, OOP, caching techniques and fail-over redundancy (active-active, active-passive).

    If you are interested please send an e-mail to the following address:
    tzakrajs at gmail dot com

    I will give you my resume and further contact information once I have received your correspondence.

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    Hopefully you managed to get a good position.
    You look well qualified.

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    my company is looking to hire an admin in Florida. Please let me know if your still looking?

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