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    Affordable and Reliable Hosting Company?

    Hey guys, which is a relaible and affordab;e hosting company? i have hosted my site but not satisfied with the hosting company, whenever my site gets 30 visits at a time it goes down. So can anyone suggest me a good reliable hosting company?

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    Theres plenty of good host here.
    You could always take a look into the offer section to get a nice rebate.

    Just make sure to read reviews.

    What is your current host?
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    What script are you using? Is it a custom one? How much diskspace and bandwidth do you need? Please also mention any other requirements.
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    30 visits at a time shouldn't bring a website down for sure, I can see it driving up resources a bit but shouldn't be anything too severe. Is it a forum or otherwise heavy script (database/CPU cycles)? Perhaps you're reaching the max MySQL connection limit per user, there are ways to improve this if you're interested.

    Otherwise did you have any other requirements like disk space/bandwidth, or perhaps location of the servers? As previously mentioned there are many providers around, and you should be able to get a nice discounted rate by looking at the offers on WHT
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    What kind of scripts are you using ? 30 visits at a time shouldn't take down a server. If you use scripts that uses too much resources, try going for a VPS.
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