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    Programming langauge

    Is there any programming language which best suits SEO? Does dynamic programming language such as creates any problem for SEO?
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    Server side languages don't matter, search engines only see the outputted HTML just like the browser does.
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    Search engines do not have any idea what programming language you're using and neither do any other visitor. We only see the outputted HTML.
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    Programming language does not effect seo. As search engines spider read webpages as html. so, you can use any language but should keep in mind that it should not be very complex to read coding of that language to spider.
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    Programmings language not effect seo its only effect web page of a website.
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    Programming language doesn't relate to seo and search engines. If you follow the instructions of search engines for making your site and pages, you can write your site with any programming language without any problem.
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