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    ZoomVPS vs. Linnode

    Has anyone done a comparison of these two webhosts? I've read that Linnode has amazing performance compared to several hosts, but nobody has done a performance test with ZoomVPS.

    Does anyone know if both of these companies offer 30 day return option? At the time I did research, I read that ZoomVPS does not have DNS management.. is that still a case?

    I'm sort of new to VPS, so there's no way to bundle my domain registration with a VPS package without going with a more basic web hosting company like

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    never heard about ZoomVPS. I've two Linode VPS. They're great

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperFastCars View Post
    Does anyone know if both of these companies offer 30 day return option? At the time I did research, I read that ZoomVPS does not have DNS management.. is that still a case?
    Hi, We do not offer 30 day money back option but offer free 10 day trial if you submit a ID to protect us against SPAM orders.

    Regarding DNS, We do not provide any hosted DNS at the moment for our clients.
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    I have a VPS w/ ZoomVPS/BoostVPS for more than an year. They are rock solid. One of the better hosts I've personally used.

    Though their WHMCS panel is still broke, can't open any tickets. I've informed them about it couple a months back and still not fixed.
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    While I can't comment on ZoomVPS, I highly recommend Linode, we host our VPS master with them and have never had any issues and always a fantastic connection.
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    I have Linode for more than 2 years. It is rock solid. If you are looking for Xen VPS then Linode highly recommended. - unmanaged Affordable VPS
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    I don't know what Xen is. I was wondering if Linode has any coupons. I saw they used to have one where you pay two months, and get one free.. ?

    I think Linode is better, seeing as ZoomVPS has no support pages listed anywhere except their ticket system.

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    Never used ZV but Linode is fab!

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    I never heard of ZoomVPS,

    Linode is just one of them companies you look at and think.. *Draw dropping*.

    To me Linode has it's own market. They're on-top of their game and have a excellent service, with the reviews things people say about them they are worth every penny for there customer care, and the service/performance they offer.

    I personally never heard of ZoomVPS or any thing negative or positive about them.

    Linode in my eyes, is just amazing though. They don't do promotions really that I'm aware of it, or when they do a promotion it's very rare.

    There services are rock solid, and like I said above they're their own market. I wouldn't compare any hosting company to Linode... The prices they list there services at are great to me. Now days with all these companies offering these low end boxs is killing the real vps market.

    You have all these run away hosts who try to grab everyone's money with offering $1-3 vps plans and then have alot of people sign up then they fold up in a month. I was actually in a discussion about this over at lowendbox.. Linode's prices for there service is a great price. I wouldn't offer any promotions if I was them, as you cannot go cheaper for what they provide to me. I'm actually getting ready to grab a linode tonight.
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    I'd recommend you to get Linode. While it looks like Zoom has nice pricing (almost similar to what Linode does offer), I never heard of them personally.

    I actually have a Linode acct myself. Mind you though, it's an unmanaged VPS service but then I'm pretty sure that if you're a newbie, you'd definitely learn and deploy your web server needs in just a couple of minutes, if not maybe an hour or two.

    I, for say, had no past experiences in dealing with server administration, to be honest. But then I decided to get a Linode acct for myself, basically because I was curious abt their servers and what people are saying.

    Being a noob myself, I managed to have myself create a node and deploy it in minutes, if not seconds. Plus, the growing library of Linode is really nice and the community who's supporting it is just so large and helpful.

    You can go checkout their forums and irc, you'll see the proof. Personally, I like how whenever you wanted to reboot something from command line, you wouldn't need to have yourself disconnected on putty.

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    I hadn't heard of ZoomVPS until now. I know Linode are good though.
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