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    Datacenter limiting my bandwidth or something else?

    Main server IP:
    Secondary IP #1: (website 1)
    Secondary IP #2: (website 2)

    Downloads from main server IP and secondary IP #1 = Fast (3mb/s)

    Downloads from secondary IP #2
    Downloads from apache = Slow (10kb/s)
    Downloads from nginx/litespeed = very slow (1kb/s)
    Downloads from SSH/FTP = fast (2mb/s)

    Uploads to secondary IP #2 = Fast (10mb/s)

    Secondary IP #1 is on hard drive #1
    Secondary IP #2 is on hard drive #2

    I thought about maybe it is problem with hard drive #2 so I test by using secondary IP #1 on hard drive #2 and downloads were fast.

    I've never heard of an IP address having speed issues. Is this at all possible or is datacenter limiting my bandwidth? Even if this is problem with the IP, why is uploads (wget) to that IP fast but downloads from it so slow and only on apache/nginx/litespeed?

    This is on a 1gbps line.

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    This is a question you should be asking your particular data center techs to look into. Open a ticket with them, and see what they can find.

    However, just because you have a 1 gbps port on your server doesn't mean you are plugged into a switch that is that fast... 10 megs is the fastest you reported. I would say you are plugged into a 10 meg switch, but that is only a guess, and not a good one, since you only posted one time being that fast.

    Contact your data center, and let them look into the issue for you. The people here on the forum can't see your network configuration.

    As for the one IP being faster than the other - that is kinda odd indeed. Definitely ask them about that. Post your info here, in your post to them so they can see what your talking about, so they can research the issue properly.

    Good luck, hopefully they will come up with a quick solution to your problem.
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