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    Thumbs up web hosting blog for sell at rock bottom price


    I would like to sell a web hosting blog just for $300
    Interested buyers can contact me.

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    Traffic & Revenue information?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTom View Post
    Traffic & Revenue information?
    Traffic is 500+ monthly unique visitor. Revenue only few cents.

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    please tell me more information about there any chance of less in the money also?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacetech View Post
    That's why asking for only development cost.
    $500 development cost!?
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    Is the content unique?
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    Yes off course , I have bought premium template for it and even articles are paid unique written by writer.
    I am just selling my site because i don't have time to maintain it and put nothing new on it.

    but off cause i will not sell below $300 because it worth to keep with me instead of selling in loss as that site have few my own banners.
    Even domain name i like it. Its like few popular domain like , etc..
    Infact i will be happy if i get buyer for $350 because $50 will go to domain escrow company sedo.

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    You bought that as a "premium template"?

    Sorry, but it looks like nothing more than a mediocre, free WordPress template.
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    Please don't wast my time on silly questions for comment. Do you want me to provide prof? I will give every requested to real buyer.
    I not interested answer silly query for $300 , people cant afford please don't make any comment on this thread.
    Asking for $300 not 3k

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    Now i am not interested in selling this site for $300 now the price is $350 only genuinely interested person pm me.
    I am not gong to update any post here now to this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostMantis View Post
    You bought that as a "premium template"?

    Sorry, but it looks like nothing more than a mediocre, free WordPress template.
    This template is part of a package of either 4 or 16 templates
    40 bucks for a single template, 147 for all 16 with articles

    It's the wordpressreview template, and it's a niche template.
    Even the articles are mailed to the buyer (if they opt to sign up), but when there's a review, it's mailed to you, and you post it
    no charge.

    There are 16 niches contained with the package.
    It's the typical mini selling site that you see around.

    You can see this same "format" of this template up at their site just google wordpress review theme
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    The forum attacked to this site was sold and now being used at this site. How do I know because I bought the forum when a user pointed out that it was up over at this site, I emailed him telling him that he needed to take it down and I will post the emails sent back and forth and the information that is at sedo. I want my money back if your going to use the database and forum you sold me.


    I did convert it to VB because I hate SMF though.

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