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    Free Web Hosting Recommendation


    are there any good free web hosts at all?

    I have looked closely at a few free web hosts (for ex. webs and 000host), and found so many terrible reviews on them.

    If you have ever had a website hosted by a free web host and had a good experience, please let me know
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    There are but I will point you towards

    Think of it this way, why should they provide a good service?..
    Garbott Ltd - Professional web development & consultancy services
    Oxford.Hosting - Prestigious shared, cloud, dedicated and gaming hosting solutions.
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    Normally I would recommend a low cost hosting instead of free even if its a couple /$ a year or something... A lot of free hosting only companies seem to go down and not return sorry to say.

    Would agree with jwebhost, your best bet might be:

    Good luck with your search
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