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    Setting up a reseller account - how to configure?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently bought a domain at namecheap that Im going to use with a reseller account. After that I bought a reseller at a company that I wont name here. Now, because I didnt buy a domain with them, it was not set up automatically. I have a basic idea of what needs to be done, but I opened a couple of tickets and always got half-arsed responses in chunks. Its like they dont even read the questions.

    I need to: set up my private nameservers and set up the nameservers of the actual domain.

    Now, I registered ns1 and to the same IPs as the company nameservers ( IP = IP).

    After that I set up the nameservers of to point to and I am aware that it can take up to 3 days for these settings to update.

    In the WHM I dont see any zone records, but I guess that Im not supposed to see those for my main domain anyway.

    Are there _ANY_ other settings that need to be setup for this to work? I can give my domain name and company via PM.

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    You've done everything required to set up a reseller. You can now set up your billing software and other stuff. If you have any questions you can <<ask in the forum>>
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    Thank you very much.

    At first I bought a dedicated IP, but decided I dont need it. I wasnt sure what the settings needed to be for my own so I changed those a few times - thats why my domain is still unavailable. I guess I just need to wait out those 3 days and hope its all ok. If I have any trouble, I will PM you. Thanks again.

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    Open a ticket at your host, I think they can help you or at least guide you how to do.
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    You can not get even basic support from you current host and you are sure !! to receive support, in the times of critical issues ??
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    Well, I got what I paid for. Just bought them for 1 month to try, and planning to move later.

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    Out of curiosity, why don't you present these questions to your provider? They should be able to help you with these - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Everything sounds good that you have done.

    You can always check here to view if its pointing over correctly.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Well, I tried, but every response is very short and not clear enough. I basically have to ask one question 10 times to get all the info I need. If I ask more than one question in a ticket, I get a reply for only one of them. Cant even get a straight answer for a yes/no question. Its a real pain, and its not some random host - they are active in the forums, but I do not wish to point fingers.

    And I'm not a complete begginer here, I have basic understanding of networks, been programming for 10 years now, 3 years for web etc. so I know enough to be able to make some basic setting when someone explains it properly.
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