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    Best visual HTML editor: Coffee Cup? Dreamweaver? Free?

    I'm fluent in HTML, PHP, etc. However, there's a difference between knowing how HTML and PHP works and being able to put together a decent design.

    I'm wondering what people like for a visual HTML editor, like Coffee Cup, Dreamweaver, etc. I'm really only looking for a visual setup. Forms, code, etc. I can do myself, but I'm lousy at writing CSS from scratch, laying out pages, etc. I find it takes a long time and playing with a lot of tags...I'd like to find a visual editor and then use that as a base/template and edit the code from there.

    Thoughts? Free is the best price, but I would pay for something good. Dreamweaver is a bit pricey. Windows (pref) or Linux.

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    I once used Webpage Maker. We built 100s of sites, some are still there. Have forms, all you want. It's not free, but its cheap. We use to export to HTML and then play around with it. I never got off the ground with DW or CC, but for someone who wants WYSWYG, this is for you.
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    i used to use coffee cup after that i started using firework and find it really helpful

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    I have used the both Coffee Cup and Dreamweaver, but I like Dreamweaver. It's best for me.

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    Has anyone here tried Expression Web? I've used it for about a year now mainly as an easy text editor though lately I've been experimenting with it as a design tool. Works well. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    I would use FIreworks for layout and slice it up for Dreamweaver. I've heard ExpressionWeb is good, but never tried it.

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    if you're going to be designing sites on a regular basis, Dreamweaver is definitely worth the investment. In the grand scheme of things it's not that much. Consider it tools of the trade.

  8. Dreamweaver but much prefer Notepad ++ hehehe

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    I use dream weiver. It may be a bit expensive but in my view it's the best software.

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    Dreamweaver integration with the other Creative Suite products makes it nice, especially for changes as they can be done right in the application. Keeps those of us who are not masters at CSS from getting into too much trouble. The wysiwyg editors are a good place to learn and test things out.

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    I also tried Coffee Cup but still, Dreamweaver is far best. IMO

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    The latest Dreamweaver is lot better and can offer you good advice while debugging.

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