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    Unhappy [ask] email problem at yahoo


    i have problem with my webmail, i'm using vps, every email sent from webmail will be in spam folder at yahoo mail..

    i after try this step installing-domainkeys-on-a-cpanel-server

    but no effect

    how to fix this problem? thanks. sory my english not good

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    check in to see if you IP is in any of the blacklist spam database. If so, try clearing the IP by sending a removal request. Certain request like SBL will require the hoster / datacenter to send the email instead. So do take note of what time of ban you have.

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    Probably because you haven't set the SPF records on the DNS server for the domain name you are trying to send as.
    Essentially, most of the big mail servers are now using what you specify in the spf records to know what IP address should send and the mx record server name.
    Look up some SPF record tutorials and there are some wizards out there to help you create them.
    Hope this helps!

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