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    * Just Password to Access page - (password per page/folder)

    Hi guys i have seen many tutorials on how to create a password protected page with username and password for php.

    But i need to create many passwords for many users. The idea is when each user logs in they go and see their profile pages so for example...

    When the user visit their own page (user1) they are prompted for a password before they can go any further. Only once they have put in a password they are able to access their section only.


    The user entering his password into his page will only access his profile and nobody elses. Each user will have their own page etc

    Is there any way to get the database to check which password was used and where to redirect the user giving them access to their pages only? Since the users will have their own pages can there be something on their page to redirect them if the password they've entered is correct?

    I hope i've explained this thoroughly, your help would be much appreciated.


    P.S: I really dont want to use javascript.

  2. You can do this using PHP. I suggest you look into a few tutorials on creating a database driven authentication system.

    Using this method then you would have 1 URL however they would be served their own profile page based on their login name/session data i.e. the user page would do a lookup in the data base like: SELECT * FROM profiles WHERE username=$currently_loggedin_user;

    I hope this is of some help

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