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    Doubf regarding vps

    I bought a vps located in germany, however the ip points to the uk.
    Is this right?. I bought it through a reseller located in the uk.
    Whois says that the isp is netdirect (leaseweb) but points the ip to the uk.

    Should't my vps ip point to germany instead?.
    To anyone on the other end of the line it looks like I'm located in the uk when that is not true.

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    It doesn't necessarily mean the VPS is in the UK. As an example the geographic location of some of our IP's point to FL when the servers are actually in Phoenix. This is due to the WHOIS info of our company because we are based in FL.

    If you are worried about the location do a tracert and see what the last hop is prior to it entering your hosts network, that should give you a good feel of what city / country it is in.
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    I did a tracert and the vps seems to be in germany though ip points to uk.

    Some sites seem to have access issues for uk users so I thought a german vps would sort it out but there's no point in having such a vps when its ip points to the uk too.

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    MaxMind GeoIP Country is accurate 99.8% of the time. You are probably one of the 0.2%.

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    Well. Maybe because they are a registered company in UK and using their own RIPE IP.

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    MaxMind GeoIP Country is accurate 99.8% of the time. You are probably one of the 0.2%.
    No, more like 70% of all time.

    Check Wipmania - they are in 99,995% correct, as it is based on AS infos.

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    You could maybe try geoflagfox - they have always helped me find out where my server is located if i needed to double check them.

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    Wipmania says Germany

    Maxmind and geoflagfox say UK

    I have no doubt my vps is located in germany as the isp is netdirekt (leaseweb).
    The vps works flawlessly, the only downside is that the ip points to the Uk, where my provider is located.

    I never thought this ip issue could happen.

    thanks for your help.

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