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    New UK Colocation Prices.

    We have altered the prices of all our Colocation plans as form April 2011.

    Colo Plan 1
    Server Size: 1U
    Transit: 10Mbps
    Bandwidth 100Mbit
    IP'S: 2
    Power: 1AMP

    15.00 PM

    Colo Plan 2
    Server Size: 2U
    Transit: 10Mbps
    Bandwidth 100Mbit
    IP'S: 2
    Power: 1AMP

    45.00 PM

    Colo Plan 3
    Server Size: 3U
    Transit: 100Mbps
    Bandwidth 100Mbit
    IP'S: 4
    Power: 1.2AMPS

    60.00 PM

    Colo Plan 4
    Server Size: 4U
    Transit: 100Mbps
    Bandwidth 200Mbit
    IP'S: 2 Main 8 Usable
    Power: 2AMP

    90.00 PM

    All packages are fully upgradable to your choice with you can obtain infomation or get a quote by emailing [email protected].

    Each server comes with extra features, And we provide 24/7 support and ecorted access to our datacentre and your racks, We supply free manual reboot and software configuration, We also provide loan heard ware or free installtion on hardware.
    All plans are upgradeable at any time and are monthly billed.
    Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Bacs Payment or Cash Payment.


    Our network is build to support multiple peering connections using BGP4 allowing us to ensure your Internet traffic reaches it's destination over the shortest route, not the cheapest!

    Our network starts at Holyhead in North Wales, runs through Bangor, to St Asaph, via Wrexham and on to our core POP at IFL2 in Manchester from where we have multiple peering connectons with companies ranging from the BBC to Virgin Media.

    Fibrespeed forms a significant element of our network in whcih is why we are one of a small number of service providers able to deliver our high quality Internet Transit into North Wales.

    Monitored 24/7 our network is reliable, fast and contention free.

    The entry level 10Mbit service is designed to support businesses that need a high speed, always on Internet connection cablable of delivering low latency, zero conntention bandwidth for hosting applications and delivering Internet Access.

    The service seamlessly grows in 10Mbit steps through 100Mbit and up to 1Gbit for businesses needing the highest speed services.

    We have UPS systems follwing fellow backup systems ranging to our generators with the capatity of 2000 litters of diesle anabling our systems to run for up to 200 hours per 100 litters.

    Our Datacentre AS Number is: AS21448

    You can buy extra IP'S or Bandwidth buy calling us, emailing us or simpley dropping in to our offices.

    Should you need more infomation on colocation please visit our main site or email us for a quote at [email protected]
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    what is the number to call?

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