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Thread: Seagate drives

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    Seagate drives

    Because of better performance and power consumption we're offering some dedicated clients upgrades to 2.5" sas drives over existing 3.5" sas drives.

    We're also upgrading some internal servers to the same.

    My question is does anyone use a lot of Seagate Savvio 2.5" drives can give their experience?

    We've noticed a huge failure rate with the baracuda 3.5" (ie we bought about 60 over last year and more than 20% were doa in each delivery, and half have failed since getting them).

    We're also looking at Lenovo 67Y0118.

    Any suggestions?

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    Wow I haven't heard of Baracudas failing that badly before! We use a mixture of HP and Fujitsu in our servers.

    Hope someone with experience of the Savvio drives can chime in.
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    Seagate Savvio is fine. but baracuda is really disaster. we have stop using it few years back as it is really as bad as we need to change drive every few months end up we change to WD enterprise ed, and no problem after that.
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    We haven't had a problem with the Barracudas, apart from a strange batch we bought about 2 years ago that had firmware issues. However, Seagate's returns process has been brilliant so far, and these are the only drives we've had to send back.
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