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    I have set up a site in which i now need to get traffic to the site. Getting the tradesmen is going to be easier as i have an email marketing list for thousands of contractors over the country. The hard bit is going to be getting user to the site through page rank on search engines/advertising.

    Any advise on what i should do first and the best way forward.

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    start working on seo and you can try to create ebook pages which will be related to your website and try to increase your visitors also like this way you can get visitors

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    Begin onsite SEO with keyword rich content and start a back link campaign by forum posting, directories, the creating ebooks is a good idea but go a step further releasing articles, press releases etc.

    It doesn't need to be just SEO print some leaflets and business cards then target trade shows and other events where possible users will go. Documenting a target audience and where to find them would be a good idea.

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    Just make sure that you are working with your on site page optimization with your titles, descriptions and your header tags. Other than that you can work on posting in forums that are related to your site and that might help drive traffic to your site. The other thing that you can work on is commenting on blogs, doing so with useful comments will also help you drive traffic to your site.

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    I think you should work on SEO.

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