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Thread: webmin weight

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    * webmin weight

    Do you know how many GB does webmin install uses,or in other words how much it weights in disc?

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    webmin does not consume that much disk space, if memory serves me right, its much less then 100MB's installed. However webmin is a "control panel" it still uses the OS, any and all components, plugins, updates, servers (Web, FTP, DNS) and more.

    If your just looking for raw space, the rpm is a 14MB download.

    Anthony Torreso
    Director of Technologies - Silver Knight Technologies

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    then I dont know how it is using 180 GB of my disc when it should use only 1 GB,my server is empty I dont know in which other thing the other 179GB are being used thank you bro
    it might be my host made a partition for his stuff

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